About Us

Empire Nigeria is a business development agency, established to Train and equip individuals on leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

Over the years we’ve been able to transform the society with the mechanism of business development training.

A passion for learning about business, creating and growing small businesses, and exchanging knowledge with others about entrepreneurship.

Our priority is to assist humanity have a befitting lifestyle, acquire new reach all over the state.

Why Choose Us

Team Management

We work as a team, Build Together and grow together at the same time. We strengthen each others weakness.

Everyone Is a Leader

Yes! At empire Nigeria We believe in power of all to make one. No inferiority Complex. We have a leadership Mindset and skillset to get the train of financial freedom moving


To be a part of this great organisation comes with lots of benefits such as all expense paid trips to countries around the world, Financial benefits and all.


I'm Samuel Egbedayo Oludare... I was a frustrated graduate working as a subject teacher earning ridiculous salary of #12000 before this organization. This Organization (Empire Nigeria) has given me opportunity to be personally developed and financially independent

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  • Egbedayo Samuel

I’m Cynthia Nwosu, I used to work for Unilever Plc but I resigned, because I was frustrated on the Job. I realized I could never be rich on a job. You can’t have a Million Dollar Dream with a Minimum Wage work ethic. (more…)

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  • Cynthia Nwosu
  • BDM